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House Restumping
Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Professional restumping solutions

Invest in the future of your property with our quality and professional restumping solutions. The chances are you are going to need to restump your property at some point and believe us, you’ll want to make the investment worthwhile!

Restumping your property will help a lot in increasing its longevity and keeping it in great condition.

Our services include restumping homes from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, as well as stump removals and installing freestanding stumps for extensions, etc.

Stump repairs are usually carried out by replacing the stump with your choice of timber, concrete or steel stumps.

If you are going to invest in restumping your home, then it helps to consider other upgrades and adjustments that can be done at the same time, such as house raising. 

And what’s more convenient than being able to hire the same business for a range of your house adjustments, all in one project and one contract?
We commonly offer house restumping alongside house raising and more, which helps to get more bang for your buck as it minimises labour and machine work.

Affordable house restumping Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast to Brisbane house restumping

Our Restumping Services

We understand that house raising is no easy job! But we’re here to make this as simple and smooth as possible for you, whether you’re a homeowner or business on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, and anywhere in between.

Whole house restumping: we raise the entire house to replace all the stumps in one go (which is why house raising is commonly completed within the same job)
Removing stumps: to replace with structural steel beams for extra room under the house (for garages, rooms, etc.)
Freestanding stumps: for your house extensions

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Common Signs Your Home Needs Restumping

Over time, your property may need to be restumped to prevent damage and to maintain the integrity of its foundations.

Here are some common signs that your property is ready for house stump replacement.

Common or continual cracks on interior walls
Gaps in between walls or ceilings
Uneven, bowed or ‘soft’ floors
Exterior cracking
Doors and windows that won’t shut or open properly (or at all)
Signs of deterioration on stumps like rotting or damage
Pests like termites and borers

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Restumping Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast

Prevention Is Important

Why we recommend getting on to your house restumping early:

  • Severe damage is hard to un-do, so it’s better to act promptly to keep your house in great condition 
  • It’s easier to keep your beloved home in top shape when you repair things quickly
  • Prevention is always more effective than repairing: getting on to something quickly often saves you time, money and effort, in the long run
  • Good quality stumps last …. And are worth the investment to keep your home safe and solid 
  • It’s cost-effective – sometimes it’s better to repair all stumps at once, rather than just the ones that are looking worn or damaged 

If your property needs restumping – don’t wait

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