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House Raising
Sunshine Coast to Brisbane

Customise your home & get the dream house you’ve been waiting for

We know that your home is everything, so we use careful precision and high standards throughout our house raising and restumping services.

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, our refined craftsmanship and precise detail in house raising in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast is hard to beat! PLUS, we can help your property goals come to life in an efficient timeframe, because we know how important it is to progress your renovation projects and move back in your home sooner.

We can also help you navigate council permits as well as development and planning requirements by putting you in touch with the right specialists, saving you a lot of time and stress. 

house raising

House sliding
& spinning


steel beams

Raise &

Contact us to discuss your house raising & restumping needs We offer single projects or a combination of the above!

Steps Required For House Raising & Other Property Adjustments

No need to stress! We’re here to make the process of getting your house raised, restumped or moved as simple and smooth as possible. We service homeowners, investors as well as businesses based anywhere between the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

Planning: Your first step will be to obtain architectural and engineering plans for your project and building design. Luckily, we talk you through this process and can recommend some trusted local architects and engineers.
Council and Building Approval: Next, is to acquire the required council permits and approvals for your project to go ahead. Again, we can talk you through this process depending on what is needed for your development plan.
Setting the Foundations: After the approvals and planning are in order, we can start the early stages of our work, such as assessing the stump locations and setting the structural steel beams that support the house throughout the raise or adjustments.

If it’s your family home that we are working on, it’s a great idea to have alternative accommodation confirmed well in advance for the duration of the project.

We can typically complete a house raising job in just 2 weeks, but we will always confirm exact timeframes with you with plenty of notice! 

Benefits of Raising or Adjusting Your House

Protect the foundations and enjoy your home for a lifetime
Property appreciation: enhance the value of your property either by extending, renovating, improving the aesthetics or simply maintaining its great quality 
Extend or upsize for a growing family 
Customise: tailor your property to your specific needs and preferences, like adding another story or split level. 
Peace of mind: assurance that your property is resilient to natural disasters, ensuring you and your family's safety.
Easier than knocking down and rebuilding
Achieve your dream home without moving! 
Get those perfect views or sunlight you’ve always craved in your home

Whatever your reason, we can help you achieve your property goals

affordable house raising Brisbane, Caboolture, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast

Competitive Prices, Quality Service

We know that it can be difficult to balance budget constraints with the desire for high-quality property adjustments.

That’s why we offer competitive prices and hard-to-beat quality and skills.
Rest assured that our prices and methods are efficient and cost-effective, such as our house raising and restumping services that can be done within the same project.